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Eaton Academy is a SACS/CASI accredited academic institution that provides customized services to learners of all ages who have not responded to more traditional models of education.

We design education solutions that enable students to graduate with a college prep diploma. We focus on the identification of learning styles, the use of state-of-the-art resources and technology, and the implementation of specific strategies that meet the individual needs of our learners.

Graduates at Evening of Celebration
Eaton Academy Evening of Celebration

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Enrolling at Eaton Academy

Eaton Programs

Eaton Academy serves students who benefit from a more customized model of education, designed to meet their personal needs.

Full-Day Program

Our full-day program offers a 5:1 overall student-to-teacher ratio and multifaceted strategies, accommodations, and technology to meet students' individual needs. The challenging and stimulating curriculum helps students realize their full potential, and after-school study and activity options round out the day.

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Independent Study

Independent Study students take as few or as many courses as needed for graduation — at times that fit their schedules. Whether taken in a one-to-one setting with an instructor on campus, at home, or via our Distance Learning Program, our ISP curriculum is paced for each student and can be accelerated or remedial.

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Our Web-based Virtual Academy offers a complete range of K-12 courses for graduation and is ideal for traveling families, student athletes, aspiring actors, budding musicians, and independent homeschoolers. Flexibility is key!

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Eaton Academy welcomes international students! We are approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to issue I-20 forms to international students seeking to further their education in the United States through the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).

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LEAP is an innovative program designed for students who would benefit from strengthening their overall life skills in an effort to achieve independence. LEAP is a non-degree program designed for high school graduates and for students who are not currently attending high school, but who could benefit from continued academic, socio-emotional, and life skill development.

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